Get to Know Jay Fresh - CEO of Jay's Paws

Get to Know Jay Fresh - CEO of Jay's Paws

Jay Fresh, of Houston,TX, is the chief executive officer of up and coming foot brand Jay's Paws. The official brand, launched by Jay Fresh in 2021, focuses on making feet just as glamorous as you are. Products range from foot scrubs and moisturizers to glow oils and foot jewelry.

Jay Fresh known for commercial print modeling, tv/film acting and her fashion presence on social media, began foot modeling in 2015. Her career began with posting a few "feet selfies" on Instagram that quickly led to a spike in followers, sponsorships by major shoe brands, and now to her very own foot empire.

Jay Fresh CEO of Jay's Paws

"I wouldn't have ever believed that just taking a pic of my feet would lead to me growing a successful foot brand, I honestly still can't believe it."

Jay Fresh(31) has quickly climbed the charts on Amazon as a fast growing small business owner and has goals of being in the top 100 beauty brands on the multinational platform and we are excited for her success in advance.


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