Meet Foot Model @ JaysPaws

Meet Foot Model @ JaysPaws

Jay Fresh, also known as Jay’s Paws, is a well known Foot Model. Beginning her foot modeling career by a few posts on social media, Jay’s Paws took off almost overnight! She began to receive deals to model heels, and accessories for many known name brands in the fashion industry. With a page of over 35,000 fans and growing, Jay’s Paws is continuing to climb the popularity ladder of the foot community. 
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Hey Jay blissings and greetings to you, you really do have beauteous feet nice arches and pretty toes! Continue to be the lovely woman that you are!
Your sincerely,

Nuff love from ⬇️

Ebony Beauty Feet

Ebony Brown

Your feet are amazing! I hope you strongly consider creating foot tickling videos. You’d make a fortune.

Dr. Corey L Teague

Hey Jay
You are beautiful & your feet just as much!
Keep doing what you doing ❤
Much love

Eldred-Jon fillis

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